Thursday, April 24, 2008

Quick Update

Sorry We haven't blogged anything in awhile. We officially own our own home now!!! Yeah, we are in the process of moving. Saturday is the BIG day. All the heavy stuff gets moved then. Ru loves her room upstairs. She can run all around up there. Pictures to come later.

Ru Update

Ru is growing leaps and bounds. She knows her colors pretty well- especially if you show her M&M's - she has all those colors down really well. She is in the process of potty training. She has going potty down pretty good but the poopie is a battle. Any suggestions we would appreciate. She is also starting to be afraid of the dark specifically afraid of the ceiling fan. I don't know how it happened but just one day she started getting scared. From what I read that is a sign that she is figuring out that when something moves or something makes a sounds something is causing that. So Alan has been telling her that Jesus is with her and that everything is okay.

Isaiah Update

Isaiah is eating better these days !! Which is wonderful because he refuses to take bottle- ALL of them. Not one will he drink from. BUT on the plus side he eats rice and oatmeal cereal and I just gave him organic baby peas which he ate the whole jar !!! So that makes me feel tons better. My mom gave him a banana when she was here and he liked that as well but he had black specs in his poopy which kinda freaked me out. We will see what the peas look like.
Isaiah also just sat up by himself for about five seconds. Hopefully he will continue but he still LOVES to be held and to cuddle. My mom and grandma (and grandpa too) didn't know the extent until they came here. I bet he was held almost all day. Isaiah especially loved my Grandpa. They chilled together :):)(In between all the painting and moving boxes)

Well that all I got for now. Hopefully we will get pictures up of our house soon.
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