Monday, July 06, 2009

DEFINITELY a Sawilowsky !!!

We had T-Bones for dinner tonite and Ru ate all of the filet off of my steak plus some more. She definitely ate way more steak than I did. Then she asked for the bone. Papaw, I am sure you are proud !!!
Gettin' every little bit that she can.

Even Isaiah, who doesn't eat dinner 75% of the time decided to chomp away at his steak. He had the filet from Alan's steak and though you see a couple of pieces left actually ate ALL of it. We have been playing a game where we tell jokingly tell him not to eat his food. He automatically sticks it in his mouth and laughs. Then looks at us with raised eybrows ready for us to tell him not to again. He enjoys the attention !!!
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Sunday, July 05, 2009

Motorcycle Ride !!!

So, our friend Ashley had her parents in town this past week. They rode from Texas all the way to Minneapolis on this motorcyle. They ended up storing their trailer in our garage for a day. As a treat they let the kiddos sit on the motorcycle. They loved it !!! Especially Isaiah. He didn't want to get off. When I finally pulled him off of it he cried "MINE". Well, he learned a good lesson !! Just because he claims it doesn't mean it is his. They even let Ru and Isaiah put on the morotcyle helmet which of course was no ordinary helmet. This thing played music AND you could communicate with the person on the back of the motorcycle when they were wearing their helmet. Once Ru got off Isaiah sat on the front and started touching every little gadget there was. It was so fun and maybe when they get a little older they can take an actual ride on a motorcyle. Knowing Isaiah, he will end up being the biker "type" Which in Ashley's dad's case, it means an accountant !!!!
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