Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burdette's go Hiking

KINDA. Well, we let Ru walk so we didn't get very far. Maybe two miles. But it was fun to let her explore. She even walked across a little log bridge. So for the funny part.

Mom: (to get her to walk faster) Let's go on an adventure !!
Ru: Like Dora and Diego?
Mom: Yeah
Ru: Are we going to find treasure?
Mom: Yep (I am thinking a long stick or acorns!!)
Ru: You got the key mom
Ru: You know what the treasure is?
Mom: No, what?
Ru: (satisfied that I have taken the bate this far) A LOLLIPOP!!
Mom:Hmmm.. well we don't have a lollipop.

Ru at this point leaves it to rest UNTIL we get to the car then while riding in the car

Ru: mom, remember we go on an adventure like Dora and Diego. We look for treasure. And get a lollipop.
Mom: ok, Alan we better stop at a gas station for her treasure !! (Such a sucker !!)

Isaiah did great though! I was wondering what he would do but he was pretty chill. We stopped at a barbeque place for dinner called Famous Daves and he had quite the appetite. Corn, corn muffin, a WHOLE chicken tender and some green beans rounded out his meal. good thing I had given him some Summer Vegetables baby food for breakfast ! On his list of favorite foods include: Whole Milk Yogurt, black beans, chicken, sweet potatoes, cheese sticks,Pears and Mangoes and summer squash. The only food he refuses to eat so far is bannas.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I thought it was funny.

Ok, so on our way back home from Sam's (we had to get diapers for Isaiah) Ru goes, "Mom, my bottom is coming out of my underwear." Ok so I thought that was hilarious. Maybe it is just because she is my kid:)

*NOTE* She had a wedgie !! (Alan said I should clarify )

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ru's First sleepover guest

Well it was bound to happen !! Ru finally had her first sleepover guest. Ru and Mado did a great job. We took them to Chuck E Cheese for pizza and games and then came back to wind down for the night. Maddo did so much better than RU though. Maddo wanted to go to sleep while RU kept turning the lights on and went around playing with toys and trying to get Mado to join in. Finally I went upstairs and cuddled with Ru til she finally went to sleep. What time was that you ask?? Oh around 10:30 or so. Both woke up and came down to tell us around 7. Alan then bought some donuts and off to church we went.
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Monday, September 22, 2008

My Snuggler !!

Isn't he adorable. I love this picture. I had to take it. He might hate it when he is older but he just loves to snuggle. He even sleeps longer when he has the baby doll next to him. Unfortunately, it doesn't take Ru long to snatch her baby dolls away from him. I have tried a blanket but to no avail.
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Apple Orchard Time

So, one of our favorite things in the fall time is going to the apple orchards. This year we went with some friends from church. We had a blast and I fell in love with apple smores. It pretty much explains itself but basically it is a roasted marshmellow in between two slices of apple. For variety put in some peanut butter and you have one yummy snack. Also, a good healthy alternative to regualr smores. ( Ok, so I know marshmellows aren't healthy but at least you nix the chocolate and graham crackers (a.k.a. cookies)).
In this first picture is: Alan, Isaiah. Molly, Ru, Alex and Cory. Doesn't Alex look adorable with that piece of straw in his mouth !!

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Monday, September 15, 2008

I hurt but I got a new pair of shoes !!!

We put in a cool 35 mile bike ride today and i am spent. Alan took the day off since he was out of town last week and we decided to go galivanting today. SO with the kiddos in tow we made our way through Minneapolis, Richfield, and Bloomington to the REI. What was my reward?? A cool new pair of Born brown leather shoes. So worth it !! The trip went well except for one mishap when I threw away Alan's wallet at Jimmy John's. He was a trooper and went back to salvage it from the garbage. Good thing or I wouldn't have gotten my cool new shoes. AHH . . . I love fall. Cool weather, Apple Orchards, and brown clothing is in. That's what I call one good season.

I decided to put in a pic of the cute kiddos for kicks. Oh and Ru has already learned her first thing at Preschool. I caught her shaking Isaiah's hand and saying " Nice to meet ya Isaiah. My name is Ru Carmichael Burdette." So cute. She won't say it to strangers but hey one day at a time. Maybe by the time Grandpa Dub and Grandma B get here she will be a pro !!
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Thought for the day

So, Ru and I listen to a worship c.d. in the car alot. She has started singing some of the words. Her favorite phrase that she always sings at the top of her lung is " I am running. Running after you. You've become my souls delight. I am running running after you. Here with you I find my life." So one day I asked her who we were singing about. She didn't say anything so I said " are we talking about Jesus." In a very matter of fact tone she says "NOOOoooo".

So while I love hearing my daughter sing and even more so hearing her sing words about Jesus, I do pray it is a sign of what will actually happen in her heart one day. Sooner than later I hope.

This also brought up a good reminder from the Lord. While Ru sings these songs, she doesn't believe them with her heart. Jesus isn't real to her yet. It is good for me to remember that. It is good for me to remember that the words I sing are more than paying lip service to God. It is saying those things that I believe with my entire heart.

Ok that's it. Peace Out.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

RU's First Day of Pre school

Ok, well here it is. Ru's first day of Pre school. She did a great job and so did I !! I stuck around for about fifteen minutes before telling myself I had to leave or I never would. Isaiah and I went to a coffee shop and read a little. We then went on a bike ride and then rode over to pick Ru up. She had lots of fun and came home with enough energy to play some more. I told her she gets to go two times a week and she was super excited. I don't think I will have a problem making good use of my time while she is at school. These kids grow up so fast. Crazy man crazy!

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Monday, September 01, 2008

The GOOD, The BAD, and THE I am not even going to try it

That's right folks the state fair has come to Minnesota!! This was our second annual fair and though I don't have any pictures of us eating food- but food we did eat. And to make the money stretch farther we shared everything and could not go back for seconds. This was hard for Alan !! So while I am too ashamed to post everything we ate, I will post the tops in each category. And just to make us feel a little better about all the food we ate we parked in the free lot and walked two miles there and one mile back. SO on with the list

1. The Pronto Pup (Alan's Favorite) What is the Pronto Pup you ask. It is basically a corn dog on a stick but the batter is wheat based instead. He wanted more but I convinced him we had way more experimenting to do.
2. Chocolate Dipped Cheesecake (Rachel's favorite)- That's right folks. It was delicious. Ru thought so too. Alan didn't even try it !!
3. Cheese Curds (Both of our favorites) What is a cheese curd you Texans might be asking?? IT is basically squares of cheese deep fried in a batter of sorts. IT is way better than cheesesticks so don't even try to compare. So, for all of you Minnesotans Alan and I have finally figured out that to get the best cheese curds you must go inside the food building. Any stand alone vendors WILL NOT be worth it.
4. Blue Rasberry Frozen Lemonade (Ru's favorite) She really did drink almost the whole thing by herself. I know we are horrible parents.

1. Soft Pretzel - that's right. You would figure you could get a good soft yummy pretzel. To Alan's dismay it way dry and yucky. One bite and I wasn't looking for any more. Alan on the other hand went ahead and ate it. I would have thrown it out. BLAH
2.Chocolate chip cookies- So here in Minnesota these cookies are RAVED about. Last year we passed on these treats and we should have again. They were good. Come on they are cookies. But the break and bake cookies you get at the store tasted just as good.

Not Even Going to Try It
1. Pig lickers. That's right folks I said Pig lickers. It consists of cooked bacon then dipped in chocolate and refrigeraterd. Let's all say it EWWWW GROSS
2. Fried Spam Balls. Need I say more??

All right so that sums up our lists for this year's State Fair Food O Rama. Stay tuned for pictures of Ru on the kiddie rides at the fair.
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