Friday, March 20, 2009

Fifth and Sixth Stop: The Lee's and the Cole's

Brian, Steph, teeny tiny baby lee (in utero !!) and big sister Jada !! Why did I not take more pictures of our visit ??

After visiting the Lee's, we headed for Steph and David Cole's house. Before bed Elli, Toby and Ru decided they wanted to watch a video. So cute !!

Elli and her mommy Stephanie.

Well, I had to get in a picture with Steph and I was not about to ask Toby or Ru to take it !!
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Fourth Stop: Tia Amanda's House

My beautiful friend Amanda !!!

At the Children's museum in Colleg Station. Isaiah, Amanda's son Ephraim and Ru. Notice the change in Ru's hair. Amanda did such a great job with her pig tails !!

Amanda's daughter Naphtali and Ru painting.

This is my favorite picture. I love it !!
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Third stop Continued

Ru and cousin Samuel

From Left to Right- Great Uncle Frank, Great Uncle Gene, Gram, Uncle Brian and Great Woofie.

Great Aunt Lisa, Woofie and cousin Samuel

This is the view from Gram and Grandad's back porch. SO beautiful !!
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Third Stop: Gram and Grandad

The kiddos with their Great Woofie

Isaiah telling Aunt Natalie not to steal his cookie !!

Gram and Isaiah.

Grandad and Ru.
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Second Stop: Grandpa Dub and Grandma B

Grandpa Dub dressing up at the Mayborn Museum in Waco.

Isaiah dressing up as well !!

Ru playing in the police car. This was her favorite.

Grandma B and Ru driving to school !!
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First stop in Texas: Visiting Nana and Papaw

Ru and Papaw trying to fly a Dora Kite

Nana pushing the kiddos in a Barbie Jeep !!

What can I say? He likes talking on the phone !!

Papaw and Ru playing with bubbles. She used the whole bottle up in one day.
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