Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Here are some pictures of Isaiah's big day yesterday !!! We had soo much fun. The day started out with breakfast with his daddy. Then I took him to the Mall of America and we rode rides,ate at McDonalds(him not me), and read books at Barnes and Nobles. His favorite was a spider man book. One funny story is that while we were getting a free cookie from the Nestle Toll House store in the mall, Isaiah SCREAMS at the man behind the counter "IT'S MY BIRFDAY AND I AM FREE YEARS OLD. LOOK HOW TALL I AM". To which the man behind the counter says "wow I would have guessed you were at least four year old." SO nice that he was accommodating !!!

I am so very thankful for this "surprise" child !!! I love that he snuggles with me and gives me lots of kisses. I love that he can express his thoughts and emotions as well as wrestle around with his daddy and with me. He is definitely developing into a very type A child which is fine, because his daddy and I both tend to be that way. I think it is hilarious that he is shaping up to be a backseat driver. Whenever I zoom through a yellow turning red light he yells "WAIT FOR THE RED LIGHT". Whenever I turn right on a red light he asks me why I didn't wait for the light to change. Alan and I pray that he would know who Jesus is soon. That he would love Him and follow Him out of a deep desire that the Spirit puts in his heart.

Here are some pictures of the day :)



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