Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ru's First day of PRE-K !!!

Ru lookin' beautiful !! She was nervous but after the second day she loves it and all is well :) They eat lunch at school so I hope my girl doesn't bankrupt them !!!
Had to get a picture of the little man as well !! Already dreamin' about next year when Ru will be in Kindergarten and Isaiah will be in preschool two days a week !! Woo Hoo !!! As crazy as it sounds in about a month or two we start touring schools for Ru for the next school year. It is a long process but I am praying that I will get on board with whatever school the Lord has already picked out for Ru. Can't lie . . . I am praying pretty hard that the Lord's plans match my own !!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Minnesota State Fair

That's right folks !!! Our family trekked out to the state fair this year. We decided to bike there and back hoping that we would feel less guilty about what we ate knowing we would burn at least some calories !!! So drum roll please . . . The Burdette family Food list for 2010 !!!!!

1. Fresh squeezed lemonade (Mainly Alan)
2. Mini donuts (Alan and Ru)
3. Cheese curds (Rachel, Alan and Ru)
4. Chocolate dipped Key lime pie (Rachel and Ru)MY FAVORITE !!!!
5. Garlic Fries (Mainly Rachel) PRETTY CLOSE SECOND !!!
6. Foot long Corn Dog (Alan and Ru)
7. Jumbo Root beer Float (Mainly Alan)
8. Mini donuts (Isaiah)
9. Two Pretzels (Alan, Isaiah and Ru)
10. Cotton Candy (Isaiah and Ru)
11. Root beer Float ( Mainly Isaiah)
12. Fudge Puppy ( Rachel, Ru and Isaiah)

THAT is our list. If you notice Isaiah doesn't make it on the list til #8. He fell asleep and missed 1-7. Alan, Ru and I were full when he woke up. His first question was-" I hungy. What are we going to eat ??"

The kids got to ride four rides each and while Isaiah slept,we were entertained by a juggling comedian names Sean Emery :) After that we trekked down to the heritage square for some blue grass!!! Usually we end up listening to Polka music but this year I timed it so that we actually got to listen to a folk/bluegrass band !! They were great :)

By that point, Alan was pretty tired and so we called it a day at the fair. All we had left was our 45 minuted bike ride back home :)

That was our Labor Day. All food named and claimed !!! Til next year . . .

Friday, September 03, 2010

Friends in Texas :)

                                                        Some of the Spence-Briggs Kiddos :)
Me, Amanda and Sylvia. We were Resident Advisor's in college together. We have stayed friends over the past 10 years. It was soo good to see y'all. Thanks Amanda for letting the kids and I stay at your place. WE had a BLAST !!!!
My friend April. We have been friends since 5th grade. It had been 6 years since I had seen her. It was soo good to reconnect. Next time we have to bring our spouses and kiddos!!!!BTW-Italian Margaritas-YUM-O. Thanks for the introduction to them !!!

Shoutouts- I also got to hang out with my good friend Steph Lee and her two precious girls and my good friend Chung. Thanks everyone for letting us visit !!! I had a great time catching up. Love you all.

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