Monday, December 07, 2009


WoW!! What a day :) It was packed. I will post pictures another day. It started out with Ru opening all of her gifts from her family. The last gift she got to open was the "small gift" from us. A new bike !! ( well, at least new to her. It was $20 on craigslist) Anyways. Ru then headed to preschool with cookies in hand for all fo her classmates. I asked if they sang to her and she said no, they prayed for her :) Isn't that awesome !!! So much better than a song. After preschool, we headed to Mall of America to ride some rides. If you sign up they give you a free all day pass on your birthday. They also gave us some awesome coupons for a free dish of dippin dots ice cream, a free nestle toll house cookie and a buy one get one free from Noodles and Co. Of course Ru wanted it all and since it was her birthday and you only turn four once I let her indulge :) She had a lot of fun but we ended up leaving early because she was tired. After that we picked Isaiah up from Leah's and picked up a friend of Ru's for a sleepover. We then headed to Ikea for dinner !! After that we came home got in PJ's and headed for bed. Whew . . . I bet just reading this makes you exhausted !!! Ru had a blast and I am hoping she sleeps in :) All in a day at the Burdette household.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

1 day to go!!!

In honor of the post of Isaiah in Alan's childhood suit her are some pictures of RU in Alan's child hood clothes !!
This is a bugs bunny shirt that says "Don't mess with the KID"
Enough said !!

Alan on Ru's pant leg

A closer look
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Three Generations

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ru's 4th Birthday Party !!!

This year Ru really wanted to have a Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party. So of course we said yes !! Ru is very very extroverted. ( Just like her mom !!!) So she is definitely blessed when she gets to celebrate and hang out with her friends :) I told her she could either have no party and a big gift or a party and a small gift. There was not even the slightest hesitation !!! All the kids had a blast riding rides and playing games. The pizza and cake were just afterthoughts.

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Ru's Party Part Two

The kiddos eating Pizza
The yummy Cake !!!
Everyone blow the candles out !!!
Eating cake :)
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Ru's Party Part Three

Lucy and Ru in one of the rides
Ru opening up one of her presents
Ru opening up two pairs of Princess socks from Lucy
Ru's gift from Mado !! Isn't that AWESOME !!!

A side note- Ru also got a really cool ukulele from Mado, Calvin and Ike. I would post the picture but it is a really bad picture of myself :) I have to give props though because it is super fun !!! Maybe I will post a picture soon when she is playing it :)
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Friday, December 04, 2009

3 Days to GO !!!!

All bundled up for some fun in the snow !!!
Her first bike !!
Frosting Cookies !!!
Hehehe . . . she can sleep anywhere :)
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Thursday, December 03, 2009

4 Days to GO !!!

She loves her Jubilee
Palling aroudn with her daddy again !!
Love her smile !!
Can you guess who dressed her ????
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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

5 Days to go !!!

This was for Ru's 2nd Easter. She LOVED all the accesories !!!
Palling around with her daddy. One of her favorite things to do :)
A face I STILL see :)
So cute :)
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Tuesday, December 01, 2009