Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ru is funny

So for dinner yesterday I baked a chicken breast. i just put some garlic powder and some salt on it and stuck it in the toaster oven. I do this a lot but I think I put too much garlic powder on the chicken because Ru takes a bite of it then turns to me, shakes her head in disappointment and says in a low serious voice "Not Good".

Then today after a shopping trip I bought Ru a bag of sour patch kids. It was a pretty big bag because I know Alan likes them as well. So I give some to her and to Isaiah. After Isaiah finished his portion he shouts "MO". I told him it was all gone and Ru knowing it was a big bag goes "YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME !!!".

Hilarious !! Nice to have some comedic relief to such a busy week

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I decided last minute to sign Ru up for ballet through a Christian dance studio called Sondance. I figured one six week session would give me a good idea if this is something Ru likes. Ru's first class was yesterday night. It was only 30 minutes and I KNOW Ru would have loved to stay longer. She did a great job !! They had a window so the parents could see what the kids were doing. Ru had a huge smile on her face the whole time. I have a feeling this might be a new hobby for her. She listened really well and her teacher Miss. Mariah was wonderful with the girls. There were six girls in class and it was the perfect number. Next time I will bring my camera and take some "action" shots.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Simea and Isaiah

Ok, so I didn't know how to edit this to make it shorter so this movie will probably be too long for everyone minus the grandparents !! Just a warning.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The kind of sharing that pays you back

So the kids did a great job eating their dinners tonight so we broke out some ice cream cones to celebrate. We were sitting outside eating them, Ru had her own and Isaiah and I were sharing. He and I were making short work of ours and soon there was just a small nub left in Isaiah's hand. Ru said to me, "Daddy, you can let Isaiah have the rest of that and I'll share with you". I thought, wow that's sweet! but then it seemed to get even better when Isaiah held up the remainder of the cone to me as if he wanted to share too. Wow, double sweet I thought! Both my kids have hearts that want to share.

But I told Isaiah, "no, that's okay" at which point he became upset. He clearly wanted me to take the cone, so I did. Them he looked over at his sister and reached for her cone. At that point it became clear that he wanted to trade his nub for a half share of an almost complete cone. I had to laugh. Generous he was not, but he did show pretty sharp wits for a 1 and a half year old.