Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Back from a loooonnnggg break. Ru had her early childhood screening test this morning. They ask a kids 62 questions as well as testing their hearing and vision. Every kid has to take it before entering into the Minneapolis public schools. She is in the 99 percentile on weight and height. Of course !!!! The important thing is that her BMI is well within normal, which is what you have to look at when you come up against a kiddo well out of the normal range :) Can you believe they actually give BMI measurements for 4 year olds? I don't really like the BMI measurement but I guess it will do. She also got 56 out of the 62 questions right. But really she missed four out of four questions in one category which tells me that she didn't understand what they wanted from her. The other two questions she missed were ones I expected her to get but easily fixable
(Like where is your ankle. She pointed to her elbow. Weird. Oh well)
Also, for those of you who don't keep up with facebook-Ru lost a tooth and one more is very wiggly. It will be out in two weeks, I bet !!! OK that's all :)