Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Funny Isaiah

I was looking through some pictures and found some cute/funny ones of Isaiah that I thought I would post. All of these were taken in the last couple of months. Oh, and our little man is now sleeping in a bed !!!! He is doing so great staying in his bed and sleeping and waiting for me to come get him before he gets up. So finally both our kiddos are sleeping upstairs in their twin beds :) I can not believe how easy the transition was. I am super blessed that it has been this easy. And while I am talking about Isaiah, let me also mention that he loves Ru's Barbie dolls. I think he has been playing with them just as much as Ru. So, any suggestions on maybe a more "manly" doll.

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Apple Orchard Time !!

FALL is here !! YAY !! We went to our favorite apple orchard today and picked some yummy honeycrisp apples. They are by far the best apple around !!! We decided since Isaiah was old enough to actually pick the apples it would be fun to pick a peck. (10-12 lbs ) Both the kiddos had a great time pulling apples off the tree, playing in a huge train, climbing a haystack, climbing on a huge green tractor, riding on a hay ride, riding a pony, and watching goats on the roof of the barn. Not to mention the yummy brats, apple cider donuts, apple cider and my favorite the carmel apple. Lots o' fun :)

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Apple Orchard Cont.

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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Trout Lake Camp !!!

Some of the Laides from our church went on a retreat to Trout Lake Camp. It was awesome !!! Our free time was filled with activities like the zip line, rock climbing, pontoon rides, leap of faith ( I passed on this one) and a lot of other fun cool stuff. The worship leader did a great job and the speaker definitely had a love for God and could preach like no other !!! And most importantly my pancreas never exploded and luckily no one ever found my flask !! :):)
A group shot !!
Emily and I climbing !! So fun :):)
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Gram and Grandad cont.

Grandad the master griller !!
The MEN !!!
Alan's Uncle Frank, Alan's mom (aka Gram), Alan's Grandmom (aka Woofie), Alan's Uncle Gene, Alan's Aunt Lisa (aka second mom :) Alan's Uncle Bill not pictured.
That's right he loves Ice Cream.
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Gram and Grandad

Gam and Isaiah playing with a balloon. He loved making Gram's hair stand up !!
Natalie (Alan's sister), Gram and Alan

Woofie's birthdya cake. She tunred a young 75 !!! We all had a great time helping her celebrate :)
Ru and her cousin Samuel layin' around on the hammock
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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Visiting Grandpa Dub and Grandma B-Fishing Trip !!

Ru "caught" the first fish with her new PINK fishing rod and with the help of her Grandpa Dub !!!
What can I say?? She loved the worms. Now THAT is my girl !!!! The worms were always my favorite thing as well :)
Such a cute little man :)
Grandma B watching Ru and Grandpa Dub fishin'
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Nana and Papaw's Cont.

Isaiah sharing a sour patch kid with Uncle Mike !!!
Nana sharing her birthday cake with Isaiah.
The kiddos "loving" on Nana

Papaw pushing Isaiah on his cool trike.
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Nana and Papaw's-SIX FLAGS !!!

This is what kept Isaiah content!!! Soda and lemonade. He had never has soda before that day and will probably not have it again for a LONG LONG time !!!
Jerusha riding her fun roller coaster
Isaiah on his train ride !!!
While my mom and I rode Runaway Mountain, my dad took the kiddos to get a caricature portrait. Notice the drink in Isaiah's hand!!!
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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Our first event in Texas

YAY!!! Finally my Bro. got married!!! It was rainy and hot the day Mike and Marci got married, hence the umbrellas. Aren't they a cute couple. They have been married for over a month so please excuse the lateness in my entries. I am just starting to get back to normal days. More pictures of our trip in Texas coming soon !!!
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