Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dentist Appointments !!!

The kiddos had dentist appointment and I am glad and relieved to say they did AWESOME and have NO cavities. WOO HOO !! This was Isaiah's first time at the dentist and I was afraid he would be whiny and not listen to the dentist or dental hygienist. But he was great. They introduced him to all of the dental tools and he even gave Mr.Thirsty a try. The biggest part was he opened VERY wide for the dentist to check his back teeth. YAY.

This was Ru's second visit and she did great as well. They took x-rays of her back teeth and it looks like her 6 year old molars are in on the bottom and are starting to come in on the top. I asked about sealants but the dentist said that she wanted to wait until the next visit to see if she really needed them.

We celebrated with a trip to Pumphouse Creamery, a super yummy organic and local ice cream shop, once Alan got home. It could have been a very different experience and I am very very thankful that it was an easy trip.

No more dentist appointments for the kids for a YEAR !!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Celebration Race !!!


This is the "after the race" picture.

I had a blast doing my first race. There are many reasons why people do these races. Some run to win the grand prize, some run to achieve a goal, some run to be apart of the community and I am sure the list could go on. For me though, this race wasn't about how fast my time could be or about winning it (HAHAHA like that would EVER happen)or even about meeting a "goal". I knew I could run 6.2 miles and I knew I wasn't about trying to run it the fastest I possibly could. For me personally, it was a celebration of how far I have come in the past year and about continuing to try new active activities.

I ran this with the ladies I have been training with over the past year (excluding one who got knocked up). It was good to have support because it rained a good bit at the beginning of the race. On my way to meet up with my friends I was thinking about how maybe they would all want to just skip it and go eat breakfast and chat. Oh the thoughts!!! But no way was that actually going happen. Emily would have never gone for it :) So by the end of the race I had wet socks, wet feet,soaked and once I stopped running COLD !!! Not picture perfect weather.

So now that I have finished race numebr one will there be a second one?? Hmm . . .I am thinking probably so. Maybe a half marathon?? Maybe the next race I will be more competitive about my personal time. I don't know. I guess it will all depend:)

Oh yeah--and a BIG THANKS to Eric Miller for watching my kids all morning long. Alan is out of town and there was a ladies event at our church that most everyone went to but us racing ladies. That is how awesome of a church community I have :)!!!!
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Friday, April 16, 2010



Today at Old navy the first 50 people in line got 50 percent off of their purchase. Most people could pass on this but since I have been losing weight for over a year I have had to get new clothes EVERY season !!! The quality isn't great at Old Navy but that is ok because I plan on these clothes being too big next summer :) So me and the three ladies I work out with decided to go for it. The mall stores open at 10 a.m. but you can get into the mall at 7 a. m. So we decided we would meet at 7:) Well, I didn't sleep very well and kept waking up so by 6 I decided to go ahead and get dressed. I left at 6:15 and was in the mall at 6:30. That's right the mall was opened at 6:30 and older people were already walking around the mall for their exercise. It was nice and quiet and my friend Emily met me at 7 with Sara and Laura filing in just a bit after. We were the first in line and by the time we went in I think there were 48 people in line. So we didn't have to get there THAT early but that's ok because it was fun to talk and not be interrupted by kiddos.

I made Alan take off until noon so I could do this. He has been super busy but was a really good sport. I knew I wouldn't have enough time to get everything by noon so I told him to bring the kiddos at 11:15. I had until then to find and try on all my stuff. It was just enough time :) Then I took the kiddos and went upstairs to shop for Ru and Isaiah. Isaiah didn't need much because of hand me downs from his cousin Samuel but Ru is so ahead of the curve that I always have to get her clothes every season. Nana supplied all the dresses for the summer for Ru but she needed shirts, more shorts, and sunglasses :) I left Old Navy at 12:15. I spent $150 dollars and saved $150 dollars. Pretty good :) I was hoping to make it in at 100 dollars since I am doing a diaper study that pays me $100 dollars but that obviously didnt happen.

My best buy was a pair of dark denim Jeans for $1.75. That's right one dollar and seventy five cents AND they are Super cute. I bought lots of tank tops, cami's, short sleeved tops, one pair of denim capris, one pair of denim burmudas and one pair of khaki bermudas.

My head is spinning. I was so anxious and only had a skinny Mocha from Starbucks until I got home. I am thinking about whether or not I should have stayed longer, looked through clearance more closely and bought more. But I think I am good. I know I am crazy and insane but I think I needed everything that I bought. As for Ru, they had jeans super reduced but I was freaking out trying to decide whether to try and buy her jeans(that would have been like 6 bucks)for next year. What size would I buy her, would they fit?? I just couldn't take the pressure and that was how I knew I was done.

Do I sound crazy?? Welcome to my world as a mom !!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010



So here she is. My mismatched little girl. I know it isn't that horrible but really it took everything in me to let her leave the house in those tights. She asked me if I loved her outfit and I said I loved the dress and the tights BUT not together. She then declared that her OUTFIT was beautiful and only a pink and brown striped bow would make it perfect. Nice. So it isn't horrible and I will continue to let her pick out her own outfits within reason. Meaning it can mismatch as much as she wants but it better stay modest :)
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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Part 1

After church we went to take some photos. I love how both of my kids are posing :) Love it :)


Trying to get in a good "couple" shot :)

Easter part 2

After lunch , all of the kiddos got to smash confetti eggs over each others head. It was lots of fun.
After church but before lunch, we went and took some pictures of the kiddos. I love this picture of Isaiah :) He looks so darn boyish :) He isn't a baby anymore :(

Ru looking beautiful in her dress from Nana and Papaw :)

Easter Part 3

 Molly and Ru searching for eggs. (We couldn't find any other baskets and used Halloween baskets for Ru and Isaiah)
Alex searching for his eggs :) This year, I put the first letter of their name so they could search for their own eggs. It seemed to work well.
Cory and Alan going through the Resurrection eggs with the kiddos.
Hanging out with our friends!! We had a great time !!!