Friday, February 29, 2008

Ru is an artist

Ok soo they don't look quite this bad. But Ru decided this was her first art project. YIKES!!!
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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Shout out to Cousin Brittany and Katie

Over the Christmas time Ru fell in love with her second cousins Brittany and Katie. (My cousins) They are in 6th and 4th(??) grade. They played with Ru ALOT while I talked with the rest of the family and tended to Isaiah. Anyways, Ru and I were playing Ring Around the Rosies, a game Brittany and Katie played endlessly with Ru during Christmas time. Ru stops in the middle of the song and says " Brittany , Katie, Mommy, Isaiah, Nana, Papaw, and bacon too". Which translates into "During Christmas time Brittany and Katie played Ring Around the Rosies with me. Nana and Papaw became my parents for the weeks. Mommy was busy with Isaiah the whole time and I got to eat a LOT of bacon!!!

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Are they related??

I never thought it would happen but my two kiddos are SOOO different. I was thinking during church how they have completely different characters. If you remember Ru was so independent from birth. She screamed to high heavens as a baby and slept really well probably due to her screaming fits. She never liked to cuddle and transitioned to a big bed without a hitch. She loves playing with other kids and CRIES when she has to leave to come home with mom. She went through only a short period of attachment to me. It lasted like a week when she was around 7 months.

Isaiah LOVES to cuddle and be held. He will fall asleep if you lay down beside him or have your hand on him. He loves when other people coo at him and flirts with them as well. He raises his little eye brows and gives them a big gummy smile. Isaiah does not sleep nearly as well as Ru. He wakes up three sometimes four times during the night. He also doesn't scream like Ru did but has more of a whimper. I have a feeling he will be more attached to me when he gets older but only time will tell.

It will be an interesting ride seeing how their characters continue to grow and change the older they get. Hopefully they will encourage one another in their good attributes and scold one another in their sinful ones.

****EDIT: After Nana read this review she had a BEEF with me. I failed to mention that Ru is also a very polite little girl. She says please and thank you pretty consistently. She even says it to servers at restaurants. Not to mention how sweet,loving and adorable she is. Oh and she has become a painter a.k.a writing on the walls!!!
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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rachel gets crafty

At MOPS today we made resurrection eggs and key chains. I have never made resurrection eggs and didn't have a clue what to do with them until today !! Basically you go through the resurrection story with your kids and each egg contains different items to symbolize different events. In the eggs consist of a palm branch, coins, bread. feather, rope, soap, crown, cloth, cross, stone,(nothing) cuz HE ROSE FROM THE DEAD, clouds. Then there are versus to read for each egg and the kids get to open the egg when it comes time in the story. So cool. I love the idea.

Then other thing we made is key chains. May I say this had been pretty handy for the three hours I have had it:):) With two kids and having to open two different doors to get into my apartment this makes is so much easier because I wear it around my wrist with my keys attached. It is a great idea for me. I love it. And you don't have to be artsy and crafty to make it. Please, I wouldn't be able to do it. I don't have an ounce of artistic ability. I leave that to my poetry and song writing husband.
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BEEF. . . it's whats for dinner

Thats right but just not any ole' beef from the grocery store. This is grass fed beef that we got from a small farm in Minnesota. My friend and I went in on a 1/4 of a cow. Now you may ask how much meat did you buy?? Well my friends 1/8 of a cow consists of 28 pounds of ground beef, 20 pounds of roast, steaks, and short ribs. We passed on liver, soup bones, and the likes. Now you may ask ... how long will this take you to eat??? I have no clue !!!! We have a deep freezer to store it all in and you can bet once we find a house that the house warming dinner will consist of Hamburgers !!!! Now you may be asking wow thats pretty un healthy to eat so much beef. Well, actually grass fed beef is very lean and compares to chicken breast in caloric and fat count. Really??? you may ask. Well thats what I read. Let us hope its true !!!! Next question how much does it cost ?? Well it is more expensive but you get more meat in a pound because there is less fat draining off. 1/8 of a cow cost me 200 dollars. I think it is well worth it so far. But everyone is different. My next venture will be to find a good farm that can give us fresh farm eggs. Have you ever noticed the difference in color between farm eggs and grocery store eggs? Seriously, it make me wonder. Well thats it for now on my grass fed cow kick. Thanks for reading.
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good Times

This is what happens when Mom goes away and leaves Daddy and Uncle Mike with the kids.

Monday, February 18, 2008

My baby has a mullet !!

This afternoon I was holding Isaiah and noticed his mullet. Poor kid the bald spot makes it so much more noticeable. Maybe I should shave his head. Could it get much worse than this!! At least he doesn't sport a comb over !!:):)
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PH.D in Ponies ??

My brother Mike came to visit us for the weekend. He is interviewing at Weaton in Chicago for his PH.D and decided to make a detour stop here to visit us. Ru taught him ALL he needs to know about My little ponies and how to comb their hair. He also got caught up on his Wiggles episodes. Ru's Great Aunt Lisa sent them to her and she couldn't get her fill and apparently neither did MIKE. They do a great chicken dance together !! Come on single ladies what else would you want in a man!!! Educated, good lookin, and loves to play with kids.
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Hanging out with Uncle Mike

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Mike comes bearing gifts

Ru opening gifts Nana and Papaw gave her for well umm . . . Well, I really don't think it was for any specific occasion. The last picture is Ru eating some candy Nana put in her care package. Believe me she loved it.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008


This morning Ru had Strawberry yogurt for breakfast. When Ru was done she goes " It was eelicious" I said to you mean delicious and she said " Yes my yoguwt was eelicious". So cute. Don't know who taught her that. I always say yummy.
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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Isaiah's Favorite toy

Many thanks to Gram for letting us borrow this great invention. Isaiah loves it !! He can grab onto the little animals that dangledown. He also likes all the bright green plastic that serves as the base. And of course he loves his chupie!!!
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Ru's new bike

Well, what can I say !! Alan does work in the bike industry. These bikes are made just for toddlers. It is supposed to teach them how to balance and doesn't have any pedals. It is pretty cool and affordable when you get it below wholesale !!
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Monday, February 11, 2008

First Haircut

Ru had her first haircut awhile back. She really enjoyed it and has asked to go back several times. It could be that she's just that fashionable or it could be that she remembers the sucker they gave her.

Alan's version of dress up !!

Alan spends an afternoon with Ru and look what happens !!! I think these were his when he was a kid.
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HE is growing up !!

Here are some long over due pictures. So cute!!!
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Happy Aniversary/Birthday

Do I not have the best husband or what!! HE surprised me with 7th row tickets to the ice skating championships. It was so cool. We saw the technical programs for both ice dancing and ladies competition. I think I enjoyed the ice dancing the most. It was better in person than on the television. The outfits were gorgeous !! I think I talked more about the outfits than the actual skating. Alan did a great job being attentive to the performances and learning the "lingo". He did a great job planning the night out !!
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More Pictures

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