Sunday, April 30, 2006

Another trip to the park

So, if its not completely obvious, we're really enjoying spending time outside recently. Last weekend we went to the park across from our casa (Hensel Park). This weekend we went fishing at the George Bush Presidential Library and to an evening concert of the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra at Wolf Pen Creek Amphitheatre. Sorry I don'y have pics of everything but we'll get some more soon.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Let them eat rice!

So Mini-B had rice cereal for the first time this evening. It was a little bit sooner than the ol' doc' recommended but he didn't seem to be too strict about it. It went well; she seemed to take to it just fine. We're hoping that she will sleep a bit longer with this new source of sustenance filling her little tummy.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Easter Funnies

Gram Pictures

Easter Sunday

Easter was great. We had a couple of family gatherings. First, we met for a sunrise service, then later for a big meal.

Easter at Gram and Grandads

So we headed out with Challah Bread in hand to Gram and Grandad's house on the lake. We had a good time relaxing. We had a weenie roast with Lisa, Alan, Samuel and Woofie. Mini-B played in an Exersaucer that Team BoTeeples brought down. She also enjoyed some quality alone time with Gram on the bed.

Challah Bread

So, Rachel made some scrumptious Challah Bread for holy week. We took some to my mom's and I'm sharing the rest with the boys at work. Yummy.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Some more pics

Here are some more of my favorite pictures.

Headin' Home

So Monday morning we packed up and headed for home. We had a great hike out. Mini-B slept much of it and Mrs. B and I were able to take in the scenery one last time. We had plans to go swimming in the Llano River (which is a great place to be in the summer) but it was a bit too cold still. So we picnicked and drove on back to Bryan. Enjoy the pics!

A Small Mishap

So we hiked on back to our campsite Sunday evening and we were lollygagging around (is that how you spell lollygagging? Who's going to check anyway!) when I decided to start supper. My plan was to cook quesadillas. Well, in an effort to conserve resources I had left some food in the car to be hiked in when necessary. As I began to cook dinner I realized I had forgotten to retrieve both the avacados and (you guessed it) the cheese! So in order to spare my dear wife the dissapointment of a supper of tortillas and pop-tarts, I humped it back to the car and retrieved our missing vittles. The night concluded well. We dined on wonderful quesadillas and toasted with 8oz cans of Dr. Pepper that I sneaked in for the occasion. Another sun ahd set over the Rock and our hearts were glad.

Alert! - Bojangles Loose in the Woods!

So we hiked a bit Sunday morning, around the Loop Trail and then through Echo Canyon. Then we drove to Fredericksburg to wait out the hottest part of the day in an Ice Cream Parlor. Mini-B proved that she can sleep anywhere, even on a picnic table and in a backpack. After Fredericksburg we returned to the Rock for the remainder of the evening.

Goin' Camping!

From Waco we headed west to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area. We hiked in to our campsite just before it was too dark. Mini-B liked the bacpack carrier we'd borrowed from our friends the Hollands. E-Rock was beautiful as usual.

Friends And Family!

Well, We saw our friends the Coles and Grandpa Dub and Grandma B at Farm Day. We ate burritos and played under the music tent.