Monday, May 17, 2010

Potty Training

Isaiah is now in the potty training phase!!! We are easing into it and have finally found what makes him want to go potty, wearing underwear over his diaper. Nana had bought him some toy Story underwear and I went out and got him some Thomas the train underwear. He is super excited.

Up to this point I have been teaching him to go potty sitting down but this weekend while we were at a church retreat Alan took him into the men's restroom. One of the first questions Isaiah asked was "Daddy what are they doing??" I am sure he asked it in a loud curious boy voice. So Alan showed him how to pee standing up. And now my little man WILL NOT go potty sitting down. I hate cleaning the bathroom toilet as it is and don't do it very often and now I am going to have to do it every day or two. All I can say is he better have good aim or I am gonna make him sit down to go potty. When my friend was potty training her son, I would always tell him, when I was watching him, that I would give him two treats instead of one if he sat down to go potty instead of standing up!! He always obliged :)

Anyways, it if fun to see the excitement on Isaiah's face when he does go potty for me. He knows it is a big deal and loves for me to praise him. Let's hope I can get him fully trained by mid August. That would be awesome . I can almost feel the extra 50 bucks a month in my pocket !!!!