Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Rock Star and a Chicken

Here is my rock star with pink hair and makeup !!!
Her complete outfit
My Chicken !!!
Right before we left for the Trunk or Treat, baskets ready !!

We had a blast this year !!! Ru and I went to a carnival of sorts at Minneha-ha Falls where she got to do a little trick or treating, jump on a bouncy thingy ma jig, rock out and dance to some cool music and also eat some yummy popcorn. Then we went home and waited for Isaiah to get up from his nap. We headed over to the trunk or treat where they got more candy and also got to play some fun games. Last but not least we went out on our street and did some trick or treating !! Isaiah got the most candy because after they would put candy into his basket he would cry "more, more" and then either hold out his hand or grab in their candy bowls. All of them thought it was super cute and when I tried to stop him from doing it he threw a fit. So I figured since everyone laughed and thought it was cute and not disrespectful I just let him. Hopefully next year he will do better !!! Isaiah also would not say trick or treat. He would only say TREAT !!! Ru picked up on everything really quickly. She would go up to the door (who had their lights on) and say you have to give us candy because your light is on. It was funny. That is all I got. Until next year . . .
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Gram visits !!!!!

We got in a small visit on Sunday night with GRAM. She is in Minneapolis on business and came in a day early !! WOO HOO !!!

Had to get a photo of them all !!!
This was hilarious. Isaiah LOVED Gram's feet and socks. He kept messing with her socks and pulled both of them off.
Now he is trying to put her sock back on and Ru decides to jump in on the fun !!!
Alas, they decide that the socks look much better on them !!!
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He made a deal with his wife!!!

That is right folks. Alan has made a deal. I really want to take the kiddos dressed up for Halloween to the trunk or treat at the church where I attend MOPS and really be apart of the festivities with friends. Most people know that Alan doesn't want to celebrate Halloween, which I think is fine. I understand his reasonings but I differ in my opinion. So this year, I told Alan he could have the WHOLE day and night to himself if I could take the kiddos to the trunk or treat and maybe some other fun places !! I knew he couldn't resist. I mean really, who could ?? The deal was struck !!. Pictures of the kiddos soon to come :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

Isaiah's phrases

Here are some of Isaiah's favorite sayings,

All done, all done

No more no more no more


I need dat, I need dat

I like it, I like it


open sesame ( after pushing the elevator button and waiting for the door to open at the Y)


gaggy (daddy)