Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tettegouche and Hibbing, MN

I don't quite know how to pronounce the name of the State Park I visited this weekend but wow, I really enjoyed it. I didn't have the camera (Mrs. B and Mini B took it on their trip to Texas) so I don't have any pictures of my own but I did pull these off the net.

I left straight from work Friday night and arrived at the park at about 10:30 that night. I decided to just sleep in the back of the van the first night. That brought back some memories!

Saturday I headed west on a stretch of the Superior Hiking Trail which ran through the park. After several miles of some serious hiking I came to the top of Mt Trudee. The view was awesome. The pictures posted here are clearly taken in the fall. I saw a much greener landscape but it was a gorgeous site nonetheless.

I finally arrived at camp at about noon. After setting up my tent I ate lunch and then decided to take a nap. It looked like rain so I scratched my plans to day hike and settled in to read a book. I made it through most of The Heavenly Man, which is a great book that has been on long-term loan from Tim Douglass. When he first gave it to me (several years ago) I just couldn't get into it. Not because it wasn't interesting but because it was so compelling. You see at that point I still felt unstable in some ways with regards to living by the Spirit. But this time I felt very different. I still have a few pages left but all in all it was a great book and I've been really encouraged by reading it. I spent the remainder of the day listening to the rain and praying and thinking. Sunday morning I woke up, packed up my stuff and hit the trail. I didn't see a soul the whole time I was on the trail both Saturday and Sunday until I was about five minutes from my car. I thought that was crazy it being the Memorial Day weekend and all. I did see some bear prints on the trail but no bears.

On the way home I swung through Hibbing, MN. I went there because my Woofie (my grandma) had told me that some of her grandparents (or their parents?) had first immigrated there (you can probably tell I can't remember many details of the story right now). Well, Mrs. B and I have planned to get the full scoop and check it out one of these days (evidently I still have some family up there which I think is cool) but I realized that I was close by and so I drove over just to take a sneak peek. While eating lunch at Sammy's Pizza I realized that I wasn't the only one with ties to this mining town on Minnesota's Iron Range. Click here to find out who else has a history with Hibbing, MN. According to the locals he doesn't have anything to do with the place now though (which I think is kinda sad) even though they have a festival in his name (which I think is kinda weird, not that they have the festival per se but that they do it even when he is alive and doesn't attend). Anyway, it was a pretty small town that used to have a lot of mining going on. I'm not sure what all happens there now but they do have a community college and a 50 million dollar high school.

All in all it was a great trip and I can't wait to go back with the rest of the family!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day!

So we had some fun this mother's day! First we went to Maria's for breakfast. It was Rach's first time there although I had gone with my friend Matt. It was good food and it was cheap! I think the Colossal Cafe is still our favorite place so far. Oh, and Isles Bun and Coffee is a close runner up. I mean seriously, letting us take you out to breakfast should be enough of a reason to come and visit! But if it's not let us take you to the Farmer's Market on Lyndale. There are lots of cool things there but perhaps the coolest is Jim Bush's Flowers. These guys work the market 7 days a week and produce the most beautiful bouquets. And they are hilarious. Evidently, they have a store in Northeast that is open 7 days a week and they do a lot of weddings. When Rachel asked how many people worked there Jim told her "only about half". We just died. I'll let you look at the pictures and guess how much the bouquet cost. Scroll down to find the answer.

Mother's Day photos!

Here is my beautiful wife being happy and my beautiful daughter being silly.

More Mother's Day photos!

Even More Mother's Day photos!

How much did you guess?

Can you believe that this bouquet cost only $20 (including the vase)! I think it was normally $25 but the guy liked us. I tipped him 4 bucks (all the ones I had in my wallet) because we enjoyed the experience so much. Then he yelled out to all his buddys like he was a little kid, "I got a tip!" We decided we had to go back and get a photo with the guy. Come see us and we'll take you to see Jim and the boys!

Fun at the park!

We really enjoy the park near our apartment. It has two sets of playgrounds, one for littler kids and one for the bigger kids. It has a disc golf course, a walking trail, and a kickball area. It's pretty cool. Here is a video and some photos from an evening that we spent there a couple of weeks ago.

Fun at the park photos!

More fun at the park photos!

Even more fun at the park photos!

Stomp your feet!

Here is a fun video of Mini-B playing with her squeaky shoes and one of her cool singing toys.