Saturday, June 26, 2010

Strawberry Picking and a Murder Mystery Party

So the kids and I went strawberry picking with my friend Emily and her son Alex. We had a good time except for the slugs that were all over the strawberries !!! Isaiah ate almost all of the strawberries that he picked and I am sure there were slugs on some of them. He didn't seem to mind :)  I decided to make some quick freezer jam with some of the strawberries, froze some for later, and  the rest we are enjoying now.
Yummy :)
I am not the "dress up" type when it comes to parties but I decided to try and get into the spirit of the ladies night murder mystery. I went to at least 5 to 10 vintage stores to find a dress and this was the one that was in my price range :) I decided while looking that I just don't do well with this type of creative stuff. I know that some of my friends could have easily pieced together a couple of outfits that would have looked AWESOME ( Laura, Leah, Sara, Emily and Steph. Lee)  and I knew I was not pulling things together like I wanted but alas I tried. I am glad I got into the spirit of things because it was a lot of fun !!!! Thanks Ashley for all of the planning. It was a HUGE success :) 

Last but not least, I am training for a half Marathon on August 7th !!! I am not going to say that I will get there but so far my friend Laura and i have been doing one long run on Wednesday nights. Every week we add a mile. So far our longest run has been 8.5 miles. This Wednesday we might shoot for 10. We should be running two more short distances a week but really-who has time for all that plus lifting weights. I will say that the best part of running is getting to talk with Laura,who is moving to New York in mid August :( BOO that you are leaving, YAY that your hubby got a teaching job :). Yet again, there is NO WAY I would run this far without a friend to talk to. When I run by myself I give out after 3 miles-just too boring.
Oh, I must add that my hubby has been such a great sport watching the kiddos while I run and is doing a great job encouraging me. Thanks handsome man for supporting me and for being awesome !!!