Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dentist Appointments !!!

The kiddos had dentist appointment and I am glad and relieved to say they did AWESOME and have NO cavities. WOO HOO !! This was Isaiah's first time at the dentist and I was afraid he would be whiny and not listen to the dentist or dental hygienist. But he was great. They introduced him to all of the dental tools and he even gave Mr.Thirsty a try. The biggest part was he opened VERY wide for the dentist to check his back teeth. YAY.

This was Ru's second visit and she did great as well. They took x-rays of her back teeth and it looks like her 6 year old molars are in on the bottom and are starting to come in on the top. I asked about sealants but the dentist said that she wanted to wait until the next visit to see if she really needed them.

We celebrated with a trip to Pumphouse Creamery, a super yummy organic and local ice cream shop, once Alan got home. It could have been a very different experience and I am very very thankful that it was an easy trip.

No more dentist appointments for the kids for a YEAR !!!


Cherylynn3 said...

OK, so we had no dental insurance and not much money when Alan & Natalie were small. They each went to a pediatric dentist a couple of times, and that was it until they were grown. I knew this had been neglected, but it was brought home one day when Natalie was in her early days at Tech... She said, "Mom, I think I should go to the dentist - last time I was there I took along a My Little Pony." LOL! You just do the best you can as a parent, which is what we did...glad that Ru & Isaiah had great checkups!

AuntNatalie said...
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AuntNatalie said...
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AuntNatalie said...

It was the purple one with glittery hair... she was my favorite

Claudie said...

Wow! I am so glad that you took your son to the dentist at last! I took my son also to some of his dentists in Aiken, SC when he was three years old also. Luckily, he didn't have cavities as well and he didn't get afraid of the dentist tools that has been used on him. And as parents, we must always maintain our child's good oral health by regularly going to the dentists.

Yanochka said...

I think too.....This post has been removed by the author.

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